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As a transplant resident of Picayune, MS I have observed since we arrived in this area in June, 2006 that there are many people throughout this city and its surrounding communities who are strong in the Lord. As I've asked the Lord to show me something I could do to reach out to others I've had a strong leading to begin this blog. Also in the past few weeks Picayune's local newspaper has included some writings as to why people live in Picayune and what this city means to them. My goal here is to allow as many as would like, to share their love for the city and to blog why they think 'Jesus Is Lord Over Picayune, MS'. Come back often and see what kind of responses we get. This is an exciting adventure for me and I really do hope you'll enjoy participating. I'm looking forward to hearing from you. Please follow this blog and suggest your friends also do so. Thank you and may the Lord give you eyes to see as the Lord sees His desire for this city!

Monday, April 11, 2011

WHEN PRAYER becomes PERSONAL by Charles & Barbara Grantham


By Charles and Barbara Grantham

As I begin my day I have a track to run on. “Father, I thank you for the love of God that prevails in my heart; because I come through the blood of Jesus; because I am crucified with Christ and filled with the Spirit of the living God. I ask you to fill me now. I thank you for the desire that is in my heart to walk in the law of the Spirit of Life that is in Christ Jesus in obedience – because the law of the Spirit of Life that is in Christ Jesus has made me free from the law of sin and death – receiving the Grace of God as an intercessor and as a soul winner, wearing the whole armor of God in Jesus name.

As a result of this prayer my focus is no longer on me. You and I who are born again must dwell in the light. Once we have tasted and have an appreciation of the light, the contradictions are obvious and cause discomfort; rightly so?

I would like to share with you answered prayer. For quite some time I have noticed when praying with other people, words would come up out of my inner man calling for liberty. After going through the Cleansing Streams led by Bro. Carey, I recognized a light came on; my prayer has been answered. I have an appreciation in me; thanksgiving that the leadership of this RLM fellowship has emphasized and encouraged liberty of the individual to function in the Kingdom of God.

About 5∏ years ago Bro. Allen asked Bro. Dan to put together a prayer team to hear God. A dozen people participating in regular times to pray together formed the healing team. In an all night prayer meeting the Lord gave us an assignment to form the Gatekeepers. The Gatekeepers then formed the Watchman on the Wall. The New Year began with the Watchman in place. We are being flooded with dreams, visions, and revelations. To put it another way, the perfect law of Liberty is coming into effect right before our eyes. The perfecting of communication between God and man is taking place and we are in it. This is not an exclusive club. Stay tuned and be aware, the Holy Spirit is one fine recruiter.

There are no heroes here but we will honor our leadership to the point that they will be effective for the Glory of God. I can see it now: the RLM House of Prayer will become the instrument in the fulfilling of Jesus’ Prayer in the lives of many, ‘THAT THEY BE ONE.’

Bro. Dan has preached to our team for almost six years that we should not be “need oriented” people but that we should have a testimony of an over comer; that my God meets all my needs. So the simplicity here is recognizing and appreciating Almighty God’s perfect plan of Redemption and learning to function in the perfect law of Liberty. The perfecting of communication, that is to say, learning to hear the voice of God and responding in obedience is the way we are going to get it done.

Last year during the Week of Prayer and Fasting Mary Pitts came to our prayer booth in the sanctuary. She had been diagnosed with cancer. After praying for her she received healing in her body. Recently the last PET scan came back negative. Since then every time I see Mary she has a big smile on her face. She shared with me that she is so thankful that the Lord led her and her family to RLM. When you see a woman at church with a smile on her face that can’t be wiped off you will know it is Mary Pitts. Look what the Lord has done!

People who come to the healing room for prayer receive salvation as well as healing. About a month ago a couple brought their seven year old son, Warren, to the healing room for prayer because he was having his tonsils removed the next day. After we prayed for the operation I asked Warren if he had asked Jesus into his heart. He said, “No!” His mother said, “Do you want to right now?” He quickly answered, “Yes.” When he left the room he not only had been covered in prayer for the operation he had also received Jesus as his Lord and Savior. His mother shared with me that her prayer was answered: Warren went into the operating room with no fear. What a difference prayer can make!

For years the intercessors of RLM have prayed for a prayer room where intercession and prayer could be made without interference. The House of Prayer building is an answer to the intercessors’ prayers.

People are being saved, set free, and healed in Picayune and Pearl River County. Prayer is being made night and day by Gatekeepers, Watchman, and faithful Intercessors who have answered the call to prayer. No matter the situation Jesus is ready to hear and answer. You can’t tell me God doesn’t heal today.

Jesus is Lord over Picayune
and Pearl River County!