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As a transplant resident of Picayune, MS I have observed since we arrived in this area in June, 2006 that there are many people throughout this city and its surrounding communities who are strong in the Lord. As I've asked the Lord to show me something I could do to reach out to others I've had a strong leading to begin this blog. Also in the past few weeks Picayune's local newspaper has included some writings as to why people live in Picayune and what this city means to them. My goal here is to allow as many as would like, to share their love for the city and to blog why they think 'Jesus Is Lord Over Picayune, MS'. Come back often and see what kind of responses we get. This is an exciting adventure for me and I really do hope you'll enjoy participating. I'm looking forward to hearing from you. Please follow this blog and suggest your friends also do so. Thank you and may the Lord give you eyes to see as the Lord sees His desire for this city!

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Finding Home in His Hands by Kelcie Kinchen

Women of Faith

March 30, 2012

Finding Home in His hands

By Kelcie Kinchen/Guest columnist The Picayune Item

This past August I left my home in the fine city of Picayune to do something I had never done before: to leave all I knew, everyone I have known my whole life, and everything that was comfortable in order to move to a new place where I felt in the deepest parts of my heart the Lord was calling me to.

I started my freshman year at the University of Mobile in August and I can say, without hesitation, that nothing but blessings have poured from that one decision to be obedient to go where God called me to. Since the moment I stepped foot on campus I have felt as if Mobile was my second home. The opportunities and friendships I have gained here are true blessings in my life. There is nothing that compares to the peace that comes with knowing that you are in the perfect will of the Father and all I have gained at the University of Mobile shows His faithfulness to my obedience to follow Him when I could have stayed in my comfort zone.
 In the midst of all the change I noticed something about people as I dove head first into classes and my new life here — which often gets busy and chaotic. Often we get so rushed and in a hurry that we forget to stop and do one thing that should be so easy. We forget to stop and breathe. To let out the daily frustrations and worries that life can put on our shoulders and take in all He says He is in our lives. We would rather carry every problem and worry that we have and try to to fix ourselves rather than giving everything to the one who can wipe away every fear and worry in an instant.
 As a new college student being on my own for the first time, I feel the need to try to fix everything on my own — to not ask for help because that would make me seem not ready for this new life I’m leading in my eyes. I see, though, that I’m so wrong as I look in the scriptures and find that MY God desires to take on my worries and problems as His own.

As it says in 1 Peter 5:7, “Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.” He asks me to take all that is in my heart, good or bad, worries or victories, and place them in His hands where He intended to hold me forever. In the palm of His hand is where my home should be. Safe and sound. Secure and loved. No matter what life throws at me I hold on to His promise that I am HIS and He is MINE. It is a romance that no storm can hinder or sway.

Every morning I wake up and I choose to surrender all I am to Him, I place it all in His steady hands. Each and every day He reveals a little more of His beauty. The mystery of how big and mighty He is fades away as He draws closer to me and touches my heart like no other. In times when I feel useless and unworthy, He continues to let his blessings be poured out in my life. It truly amazes me.
 He provides in times when I can see no help and loves me more than I could ever imagine someone loving the unworthy being I am. Each day that passes by I fall even more in love with the Creator of who I am and the Potter of the person I am becoming. He is the Potter and I am His clay being formed into a beautiful masterpiece — because He makes nothing less than that. Before He can mold me, I have to place everything I am in His hands: worries, problems, and, dare I even say, my dreams. For we are finally at peace and at home in the palm of His hands where He intended for us to be from the beginning, cradled in the hands of a loving Father who desires nothing more than to hold us along with everything we are, changing nothing but bring ourselves as we are to Him and surrendering all control of this life we lead to Him, who knows it all from the beginning to the end.

It is there in His hands that we are finally home.

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